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Frequently asked questions

What's the Line-up of Reggae Icons?
Reggae Icons is a 12 Member Team, comprising a: 5 Peice+ Band, as well as various Tribute Performers. We also provide a DJ and Photography etc. This is optional via a member of the Team when they are not performing.

Can I see Reggae Icons performing anywhere?
Some of Reggae Icons work is private (for example, Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties) the band do try to arrange Showcase events throughout the year. However, this does depend on how full the calendar is. But, feel free to ask and we can let you know when the next one is.

Can I choose the songs the band play?
Absolutely! Reggae Icons are happy to discuss with you any tracks you would like them to perform and also any you do not want them to play. Obviously, the Team have years of experience at filling dance floors and so some things are best left to their experienced judgement, but they are more than happy to chat through your suggestions

What happens when Reggae Icons are not playing?
The band are able to provide a DJ Option whereby the music is mixed professionally DJ software and requests can be made on the night if required. If you would rather have complete control of the music played when the band are not performing then they are also happy for you play your own CD or iPod through their PA system. The choice is entirely yours...

How much room do Reggae Icons need?
We do require Space for the full set-up, but this can be completely adjusted as per your requirements.As a minimum we reccommend, a 3m x 4m performance area for the band, but the band can work to smaller areas if necessary.

How long do Reggae Icons play for?
As standard the band performs 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minute sets of music.

Do Reggae Icons have any other requirements?
In order to perform at their best the band require reasonble expenses and also a room to prepare for the performance as well as parking provisions.

*N.B. Reggae Icons are very reasonable and if any of the above appears difficult please contact us to discuss alternatives.

For bookings: CALL US NOW on 07958 478 171 (UK - cell)

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